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Chartpunk Street is an enhanced way of trading, where all you need is 30 minutes per day to properly evaluate market structure and plan your entries and exits. Our industry-grade indicators are designed by traders who've been in the game for years, guaranteeing your success whenever you need it most — now and in the future!

Chartpunk Street gives you the power to trade like a professional hedge fund manager

Many are struggling to find a way to make money in the current environment. Markets are violent nowadays, and no one wants to waste time and money on trying different strategies to earn an income.

It doesn't need to be this way. Chartpunk Street is the solution you've been waiting for. It provides you with visual indicators that make trend and momentum trading easy, so that you can finally start generating revenue today.

This is a trading system that has been tested and proven to work by experienced traders. You don't need to be an expert!

Chartpunk HTF Trading System

Chartpunk HTF Trading System on the 3-day Bitcoin chart

High time frame investment system

The Chartpunk HTF Trading System is based on the Consensio moving average system and momentum evaluation. It works the best on the weekly timeframe for stocks, and the 3-day timeframe for Bitcoin. The Consensio moving averages are showing the basic trend structure, and the indicator is painting the bars based on momentum confluence under the hood - up to three different timeframes simultaneously. The trend structure and the multi-timeframe momentum confluence provide you with solid information on when to enter and how to manage a position. 

Chartpunk LTF Pullback Scalper

Chartpunk LTF Pullback Scalper on the 15-min EURUSD chart

Low time frame scalper system

The Chartpunk LTF Scalper is using weighted exponential moving averages to identify the core trend direction, and is hunting for momentum pullback entries. Basically we are trying to catch temporary pullbacks with this indicator on low time frame trending markets. Momentum pullbacks are monitored in the background on the stochastic RSI, and the indicator is providing alertable Long or Short signals once the confluence is confirmed.


Professional-grade trading system for any trader

With our bundle of professional-grade indicators at your disposal, you can make your own trading strategy and profit from the market with no stress.

For the rookie and the pro, we've got you covered

Chartpunk's indicators are for all types of traders that are new or experienced. If you're looking for an easy-to-read and straightforward system, this is it.

Why trade boring when you can trade exciting?

Trade with Chartpunk's built-in indicators, such as momentum oscillators, so that you can have a more exciting trading experience without any more complicated tools to learn.

We're made by traders for traders

Chartpunk Trading System was created by a couple of traders who wanted to solve their own problems with tools they needed while they were trading.

Chartpunk Dots and Track

Chartpunk Dots and Track system on the 1-hour S&P 500 index chart

Swing trading can be fun

The Chartpunk Dots and Track system is an easy-to-use swing trading system that does not require any special charting skills. Do you remember Pac-Man? Just go on and play that game again. Follow the dots when signals are in confluence, and trade safely and profitably on swing time frames like the 1-hour or 4-hour charts.

Chartpunk Momentum Oscillator

Chartpunk Momentum Oscillator on 1-week Apple stock chart

Momentum oscillator to support profitable decisions

The Chartpunk Momentum Oscillator (CPMO) is one of the key elements behind the Dots and Track System, but it may also be used in itself - or supporting for example your current trading system. The picture is showing CPMO on the 1-week AAPL chart (heikin ashi bars) providing excellent confluence for timing proper entries and exits.

No matter what your level of expertise 

Chartpunk Street will help you maximize profits

Trade with the Street!

Our indicator bundle gives you an excellent chance to make a fortune on the Crypto, Forex, or Stock markets. Check the charts, and get an instant overview of the current trend and momentum. Invest in the right stocks or cryptocurrencies at the right time. Protect yourself against fake news and FOMO. Never fall victim to buy and sell orders again.

Forex, crypto, and stock markets are all supposed to be easy to execute trades on. But what if you could know exactly when and which trades would be profitable? And what if you also knew how long to trade for? The Chartpunk Street indicator bundle will give you all these trading secrets!

Start trading like a pro with the Chartpunk Street Indicator Bundle!

Chartpunk Tradingview Indicators
Special Offer

Start trading like a pro with the Chartpunk Street indicator bundle, grab the most powerful and profitable trading indicator that can generate you profits from any market conditions. The current price is a special Bear Marker Offer, and it aims to give you a hand under today's difficult market conditions. We do not intend to keep the price this low for long...

$899 yearly

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Bitcoin Market Update 2023.10.31.

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